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What my ascendant is? And what is the significance of the ascendant for identity and behavior? The stars reveal a lot about character and personality. While probably everyone knows his zodiac sign, it is with the ascendant often quite different. No Problem: With the ascendant computer you can calculate free your ascendant, and know, moreover, what is the significance of the ascendant for your creature has.

Horoscopes are one of the most famous and most important tools of astrology. The ascendant represents the exact point of intersection of the birthplace, birthday and time of birth in the horoscope. He describes the signs of the zodiac, which rises exactly in the Moment of its own birth in the East on the horizon. The ascendant is the most individual point of the horoscope: your identity is significantly influenced by the zodiac sign of the ascendant .

Please enter below all of the data to calculate your ascendant .

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