Bachelor’s Sebastian Preuss After a serious motorcycle accident and is in hospital

Numerous fractures and a total loss to the machine

Bachelor’s Sebastian Preuss: After a serious motorcycle accident and is in hospital

01. June, 2020 – 18:17 PM

Bachelor’s degree, lost control over the machine

So Sebastian Preuss had presented the Whitsun week-end certainly! The Bachelor wanted to turn with his new motorcycle in the sunshine, a Tour which ended, however, in the hospital, as the newspaper Bild has learned. Result: The left Arm and right leg are broken.

He flew 20 feet through the air

Sebastian Preuss on Saturday afternoon with his new BMW RR (207 HP) in Bavaria on the way. Probably with excessive speed, he lost control at a corner, caught on the counter-rail and sideswiped a BMW convertible. According to police statements, he flew about 20 meters through the air until he and his motorcycle came to a green area to a Standstill. The road had to be closed subsequent two and a half hours .

Property damage in the amount of 20,000 euros

The Bachelor was flown with a helicopter in the accident and emergency clinic in Murnau, where he was yesterday (surgery on Sunday). In addition to his Arm and leg breakage material damage in the amount of 20,000 euros. Particularly annoying for the athlete: He wanted to soon rise again as a professional kick boxer in the Ring, but nothing will come of it now !

“The Bachelor” on TVNOW

You want to see the entire anniversary season with Sebastian Preuss again? Not A Problem! On TVNOW there are all the consequences for subsequent retrieval.

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