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In the first months and years of life, the weight of babies and young children is subject to many fluctuations. With the BMI calculator for the Baby, you can calculate the BMI. In the evaluation, you know whether the BMI of your Baby or toddler his age and gender corresponds to enjoyed. The parents of security as the weight and thus the BMI of babies varies, especially in the first few weeks part of day-to-day: In one day, the Baby weighs a little more, others a little less. As a result, many parents are worried and insecure. With the BMI calculator for the small child, the BMI of small children can be calculated. If small children have little to eat, many parents fear that your Little one is underweight. But also, if the Baby or small child develops a true bundle of joy, parents are insecure, often. Especially mothers ask the question: Is my child too fat? The weight corresponds to age – and gender-enjoyed or deviates it from the Norm? The Body Mass Index helps to evaluate the weight of babies and small children.

With the help of a specially for babies and toddlers-designed Body Mass Index calculator, the weight of the child can be classified. Unlike the BMI calculator for adults BMI calculator for children takes into account height and weight, the age and sex of the child. With the help of comparison values to determine whether your child is normal weight or under Over or under weight, suffers. This gives parents the opportunity to influence your child’s weight positively. Because of thick children thick adults are not rare. In addition, weight is normal is an important prerequisite for a healthy development of your child.

Whether your child has normal weight or over or underweight, it can be determined on the basis of Body Mass Index (BMI) for children. This takes into account the body weight, the body size, the age and the sex of the child.

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The Text below the graph will help you in the evaluation of BMIs.

According to the calculation of the BMIs your child is under weight. In the growth phases of the BMI may vary from time to time. As long as your child is developing normal and healthy, you need not worry. However, it is important that you keep the weight of your child in the eye .
If you are unsure, please contact your child’s doctor to diseases. In principle, daily fruit and vegetables should be on the dining plan, as well as low-fat dairy products. Make sure that your child eats regular meat and fish. If your child is generally very little or irregularly eat, you can ask your pediatrician for advice. In case of doubt even a nutritionist can be consulted .

If you suspect that your child is skinny is addictive, please necessarily have to be a doctor.

Your child has according to the calculation of the BMIs in the normal weight. You need to make, so no Worries .
Important for children a well-balanced diet with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals is generally substances. They are especially in fresh fruit and vegetables. Meat and fish should be regularly on the dining plan. The daily supply with as low-fat dairy products ensures a good supply with calcium is important for bone structure and growth. They ensure that candy, sweet beverages such as sodas and the like tend to remain the exception..

If your child is still moving regularly, and a lot of fresh air comes, everything is in perfect order. In this way, you prevent diseases, Obesity and developmental disorders is best .

According to the calculation of the BMIs your child suffers from Overweight. In growth phases, the BMI of your child may vary quite. There are no additional diseases are present, you need not to Worry. However, it is important that you keep the weight of your child in the eye .
With a healthy, balanced diet, you can prevent Obesity in the best. On the meal plan your child’s fresh fruit and vegetables and low-fat dairy products daily. Meat and fish should eat your child on a regular basis. Make sure that your child only in exceptional cases, sweets and sweet drinks such as sodas and juices. You give your child juice better, juice spritzers, or to drink unsweetened teas. Make sure that you feed your child is generally low in fat. You, therefore, instead of full – fat more often to semi-fat products.

Regular exercise does good to your child. To drive to the Playground to romp or Sport, it’s fun, burns calories, and distracts from the food. In addition, the movement promotes the mental and motor development of your child.

According to the calculation of the BMIs your child suffers from Obesity. Physicians speak in this case of obesity, or obesity. To take you with your child’s doctor contact. If necessary, you can take a nutrition program for your child, or specially trained nutritionist can help your child with weight loss. Explain what measures your child lose weight can assist. Without a guide it is difficult to find the right and the necessary actions to consistently comply with and implement.
It is important, Overweight to combat in the age of the child. Obesity limits the quality of life and also the freedom of movement of your child strong. This, in turn, leads to the fact that your child is moving less, and possibly even from other children, isolated. In addition, Obesity can have far-reaching health problems .

Motivate your child to move. You go with him to the Playground or gymnastics for children. So, movement is an early normal for your child. It also promotes motor skills, intellectual development, and prevents last Overweight .

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