Christian Slater What is the 90erJahreStar actually makes?

Christian Slater: What, the 90s Star power actually?

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  • 18.08.2019

Christian Slater was in the ‘ 90s, a celebrated Star. Now he is celebrating 50. Birthday. However, what the actor actually does today?

Christian Slater is celebrating his 50. Birthday: But what is he doing today?

Christian Slater is celebrating his 50. Birthday: But what is he doing today?

Christian Slater was, from the beginning until the mid-90s at the height of his career, before he by several scandals on the backburner. Although he continued to play regularly in films, but only so slowly, he gets to the Uwe Boll Disaster "Alone in the Dark" (2005) back to the feet in the case of larger productions in the door. 18. August is the son of actor Michael Hawkins (80, "The Amityville Horror") and producer, Mary Jo Slater (73, "The Tudors") 50. Birthday. He does that today.

Faster rise and fall

Even as a Teenager, Slater was in the film classics "The Name of the Rose" (1986) to see as a novice in addition to Superstar Sean Connery (88). In the 1990s, further Hits followed "Robin Hood – king of thieves" (1991) and "Interview with a vampire" (1994), which led him to become a sought-after Star. But in the course of this time, the actor was always missteps, and the glittering Hollywood life showed in him early in his shadow pages. Among his antics drunk driving, as well as the attempt to smuggle a weapon on Board an aircraft .

So it goes after the hospital stay

Slater was able to keep in the pan and played in the acclaimed Alcatraz-firecracker "Murder in the First" (1995), in "Operation: Broken Arrow" (1996) as against a player of John Travolta (65), as well as the first "Austin Powers"-Movie (1997). But more and more his life, which culminated in 1997 in an attack on his then girlfriend and a police officer slipped away from him, as he was under heroin influence . "Christian Slater takes over the responsibility for his Actions", said his lawyer at the time.

It is 100 days in a rehab clinic, as well as a three-month jail sentence and another three months in rehab followed. Slater in played in the following years, although still "Wind talkers" (2002) and "Mind hunters" (2004) with, however, his career seemed to be on the ground .

Slow return to top

In 2005, Slater was arrived at the very bottom. His first marriage broke up and he starred in the Uwe Boll video game adaptation "Alone in the Dark" with. The strip was financially successful but was panned by the critics. Added to this was a complaint for sexual harassment on the street in New York. The procedure was discontinued due to the lack of evidence again. Although he had maneuvered themselves into the Offside, he could still have a role in the star-studded Drama "Bobby" (2006) snag, a Film about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968).

After that, it was quiet around the two-fold father, he played in some series and smaller film productions. His first major role in the 2010s and was in the action film "Shootout – No Mercy" (2012) with Sylvester Stallone (73). The following year, he was considered the father of the main character, Joe (Stacy Martin and Charlotte Gainsbourg) in Lars von Trier’s (63) scandal movie "Nymphomaniac" to see.

2015 will be a real highlight, he managed to then: He took over in the eponymous series, the role of the anarchists "Mr. Robot" on the side of "Bohemian Rhapsody"-Star Rami Malek (38). The hacker story was a surprise success for Slater and earned him three Golden Globe nominations. In 2016, he sat in the category "Best supporting actor – series, Mini-series or TV-movie" even by. What a Comeback! The series will be completed this year, with the fourth season. As it goes for Christian Slater, then, remains to be seen.

A great insight

Private Christian Slater, Hollywood has turned its back. He lives in Los Angeles, but away from the big star of the excitement in Miami and in his home city of New York. In 2013, he married his girlfriend Brittany Lopez. After his scandal, the actor has come to a realization, as he once "Creators Syndicate" betrayed.

Drugs and alcohol could "the misconception lead, it was especially cool that Drinking is hip and you look like Clark Gable. You are going to a Party, get a Drink and feel like a super hero, you look in truth is quite silly. The daily life, clean, that can be hard when you feel insecure. Actually, the fastest way is to know who you are, not knowing who it is."

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