Corona crisis Is Sex now actually a criminal offence?

A lawyer explains

Corona time: The most important questions about Sex

22. April 2020 – At 16:32

What is the meaning of Corona for our sex life?

The Corona-crisis is a worldwide threat. The German government demands of us that we have to limit our contacts to the people with whom we are not living together, at an absolute Minimum. No gym, no dinner with friends, no concerts – but how is it actually with the Sex? Is Sex allowed now, and from which sexual partners should I keep with me during the pandemic, not necessarily remote – these are the questions the lawyer Dr. Alexander Stevens answered us .

Boredom as a Single? Sex with the roommate is allowed

Dr. Stevens explains that the output limit current actually only Sex with Strangers and prostitutes prohibits. The Sex with the (marriage-)partner, the spouses and companions is still allowed.

But what you should do in this serious situation as a Single? Not a pub crawl, not a football anything that is fun is forbidden. Sex is a good pastime, not without reason, experts of a real Corona-Baby Boom in nine months. Also, the sales of sex toys are already risen in the world .

Who sits now as a Single in his apartment, has bad cards. For the Singles living in a residential community, maybe there’s a light on the horizon: Sex with the roommate or the roommate is allowed! It should not fail only if the roommate or the roommate want to.

Corona and Tinder Dates

And if you are just short in front of the contact someone ban met and before the Holy third Date stand? Because now, of course, a lot of bad luck. But my new acquaintance is really still a Stranger? The contact lock is allowed, strictly speaking, no other Dates, no reckless Sex that could lead to a Corona infection. However, for sex-starved Singles Dr. Stevens has to wink at a small tip – with the eyes:

"You should be in a particularly strict Federal States such as Bavaria, at a Date to catch, this helps tip: you will Say that the new acquaintance was the fiancé or the fiancée, and the contact is allowed to the."

That this humor is not meant to be a full Council of the lawyer necessarily to Imitate, should have understood in times of a global pandemic, hopefully, everyone. But legally you would be seen to be on the safe side, said the expert. There is support for any stupidity is always a loophole.

Relationship to people in the at-risk group avoid

Just people who belong to the risk group, to run in these times of danger, quickly to infect. There are young people with a pre-existing condition or to older people aged 50+ with a bad immune system. You can keep the aggressive Virus hardly stand. Attorney-at-law Stevens advises people who have a relationship with a Person of the risk group, to go the distance .

"This also applies to, for example, younger men on older women ", the lawyer jokes and advises in this spicy case of the visit to the retirement home .

But times joking aside! Other interesting questions around the topic of Dr. Stevens answered here:

If the Partner is suffering from Corona, you may have still Sex ?

Here it behaves like during Sex with an HIV-Infected: to Know of his HIV disease and has yet to have Sex without this to reveal the sex partner to you because of (dangerous) bodily harm is punishable by law. For a Corona infection can in principle apply to anything else, especially as the contagion risk at the Corona is significantly higher than for HIV!

What if the one who dies the I have been infected with Corona, it is then murder?

"Murder, it would not be, because of the lack of a murder feature, but you could actually think about manslaughter: Although the German case law rejects, unlike, for example, Italy, the intention to Kill, if an HIV-Diseased unprotected sex with the Argument that because of the long incubation period, up to the outbreak of Aids, the perpetrators justified hopes may have been, that until a cure is found ", the expert explains.

"However, unlike in the case of Aids, the mortality rate is currently at the Corona not only extremely high, but fast, too, so that even the hope that the sex partner will development of Corona heirs, little is likely to be due to hide – at least according to the current state of the medical. With other words: I Sleep than Corona-Ill be with someone who is infected and dies, would be an indictment for manslaughter is quite conceivable. However, it should be demonstrated that the Coronavirus was also transferred really by sexual intercourse – and not other means, such as, for example, in the run-up in the supermarket or similar."

What if the sex partner know that I have Corona and still have Sex with me has?

"My sex partner know that I have a Corona and I was with him for consensual Sex, I’m not a criminal offence. For each of the risks of infection with Corona due to the extensive media coverage are known. Anyone who has, nevertheless, with a Corona-Infected Sex, endangers himself and is alone responsible for his Actions."

I could have perhaps attached, can I still have Sex ?

"In such case, you can make due to negligent bodily harm, and possibly killing, a criminal offence. Because if it has reasonable grounds to suspect you may be, to Corona falls ill, it is the duty of care, before the sex test. If one does not, this constitutes an infringement of duty of care and this negligence is, in principle, be punished. However, the proof is here, too, the sexual partner should have Sex with Corona infected, unlike in HIV, where you can result of the infection on the basis of virological studies on a particular Übertragungsakt – very difficult."

Despite the prohibition of Contact: Sex allowed?

"Now more than ever. For one thing, it allows us to continue to move in the air and ‘to make Sport’, as long as you only do this to the second, with his closest contacts. To the other Sex is not allowed in Public, as long as you get aroused by other – in the sense of Anger. The public nuisance but is necessary only if there is also a Public, in public Sex and this aroused could be. Now, where in many places people are empty, you can piss off also, hardly anyone other by public Sex, and even if it is stupid to get caught but, it might lack many of the corresponding intent, as you could trust, given the output restrictions that you will not be ‘caught’. Then the Sex in Public is not a punishable offence."

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