Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox – the girl from a good family, the Sitcom in the sky captured.

Courteney Cox

  • Born 15. June 1964 , Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • First Name Courteney
  • Name, Bass Cox
  • Years 55
  • Size 1.65 m
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Partner Johnny McDaid (engaged) ; David Arquette (divorced) ; Brian Van Holt ( 2012 – 2013) ; Adam Duritz (1997) ; Liev Schreiber (1996) ; Kevin Costner (1995) ; Michael Keaton (1989 – 1995) ; Paul Brown (1987 – 1989)
  • Children Coco (*2004)

Not everyone knows that

How romantic! As Courteney with Adam Duritz, the front man of the Band “Counting Crows” was, he wrote the song “Monkey” for you, was even released on an Album by the Band .

Courtney is probably a musician. Since the end of 2013, she is with Johnny McDaid, a member of the Band “Snow Patrol” together. In the summer of 2014 they announced their engagement publicly on Twitter. Congratulations!

Relations Courteney looks with a sense of Humor. As you once said: “honesty is the key to a good relationship. If you can pretend you’re in.“

Too bad for Courteney: she is the only actress of the Friends Casts, which was awarded for her role in the series no Emmy nomination .

Her Ex-husband David Arquette, and they left their wedding rings quite unconventional engrave: To read A deal is a deal””.

An end to prudery in the American television! In 1985, Courteney was the first Person ever to use the word “period” is pronounced in the biological sense in a Tampon ad .

Courteney has three dogs: Ella, Rags and Mr. McBarker. Unlike the Name would suggest, is Mr. McBarker, however, a female.

What is Courteney can’t actually? Musically, she is – she can play the piano and drums .

Courteney is a car enthusiast. She drives a Jaguar and a silver Porsche Carrera.

Not only in the series, Monica and Rachel were Friends. In real life, Jennifer Aniston is a good friend of Courteney, she is even the godmother of her daughter Coco .

Biography of Courteney Cox

Courteney jumped, Bruce Springsteen personally selected in his music video "Dancing in the Dark" on the stage and danced with him, then she played Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend in "Family ties" and finally, we closed them all as Monica "Friends" in our hearts. But from the beginning…

First Steps

Courteney grew up in the American South in a well-to-do family with three siblings. When she was 10 years old, her parents separated, she lived with her mother and her stepfather. After high school she started to study interior architecture, but soon realized that it was the right thing for you. So she Packed her bags, went to New York and became a Model. It worked pretty well, Courteney landed a number of Jobs for commercials and photo shoots. But Modeling was not enough for her, at the same time, took acting lessons. In 1995, the great limelight: Her appearance in the Bruce Springsteen music video "Dancing in the Dark". There are some small roles followed, including in the Sitcom "Seinfeld", and even a starring role in the Series "The specialists on-the-go", the was, however, dropped off quickly again. Successful, however, her appearance was as Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend in the popular Sitcom "Family ties". Now, you knew your face! The tabloids interested, at this point, however, is more for her relationship with actor Michael Keaton, with whom she had six years together. However, Courteney was soon to make more with your career of talk. In 1994, she played on the side of the then-unknown Jim Carrey, whose breakthrough this movie was, in "Ace Ventura – pet Detective". Only a short time later should "Friends"-Era begin.

Coco Arquette sings for her mother

And then came "Friends"

Courteney went to a Casting for a Sitcom. You don’t know much, only that she would audition for the role of Rachel Green. During the auditions, it turned out that she liked the role of Monica Geller much better and she was lucky: she got the role, and the Rest is history. At that time, you couldn’t have guessed that this day would be you (in addition to their female Co-Stars) for the best TV actress of all time paid – for each individual episode of the last two seasons, she received a Million dollars! "Friends" ran very successfully for over 10 years and still has today around the world a large fan base.

Courteney on the big screen

Also on the big screen, Courteney was seen like that. So, among other things, in the four Horror films of the "Scream"-Series. A stroke of luck for Courteney, well private, because on the Set she met her future husband David Arquette, whom she married in 1999. The two were about 10 years a Couple and have a daughter together. There was no war of the roses, and no bad blood – and also in the Business, the two were a good Team. Together they founded the Production company "Coquette Productions", you are working even after their separation today still together .

The main role in the TV

In the case of "Friends" was Couteney used to be one of the six. In her new Comedy series "Cougar Town" she took over the role from 2009, the main and had to rely completely on yourself. She played Jules Cobb, a 40-year-old Newly-Single mother, who is in search of new adventures and experiences. In addition to the main role Courteney is acting together with her Ex-husband as an Executive producer. In March 2015, the series finale delivery in the United States. Time for a new series, so we are excited would be.

Courteney Cox in Film and television

  • 1987-1989: Family Ties (Family Ties, The TV Series, 21 Episodes)
  • 1993: Seinfeld (TV series, episode 5×17)
  • 1994: Ace Ventura – pet Detective
  • 1994-2004: Friends (TV Series, 236 Episodes)
  • 1996: Scream – Scream!
  • 1997: Scream 2
  • 2000: Scream 3
  • 2005: game without rules
  • 2008: Scrubs (TV Series, 3 Episodes)
  • 2009: Web Therapy (Web Series, 3 Episodes)
  • 2009-2015: Cougar Town (TV Series, 102 Episodes)
  • 2011: Scream 4
  • 2011: Private Practice (TV series, episode 5×05)
  • 2014-2016: Drunk History (TV Series, 2 Episodes)
  • 2015: Barely Famous (TV series, episode 1×03)
  • 2016: Mothers and Daughters

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