The country leaders have taken in the corona of a crisis, the command

Chancellery-in-chief to the mood: "Upset is the wrong category"

The country leaders have taken in the Corona-crisis in command

27. May 2020 – At 14:06

Christian Wilp

She was "on the verge of abandon", German Chancellor Angela Merkel had on 6. May threatened to the Prime Minister. Today, it is already a step further. In the Corona-crisis, the country leaders have taken command. Angela Merkel has Reportedly not in the mood anymore, "do it to", and all Federal-state-video meetings canceled until further notice. "Upset is the wrong category", Chancellery chief Helge Braun to the mood of the Chancellor in an Interview with RTL (see Video) says. But she was, as before, for, "not to researchers" proceed.

Guidelines-competence lines is Not competence

Not to researchers? From the guidelines-competence, just the Non-line-of-competence. Merkel can only give recommendations, it is a rare experience, the Chancellor is as powerless. Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg and not an enemy of the Chancellor ("I pray every day that she remains healthy "), has shown, where the Hammer hangs. "The responsibility now lies with the countries and counties." As it was before, but the Chancellor’s office had sought, by moderating them to intervene in order to achieve a common approach and to avoid too far-reaching relaxations .

You can say, even this minimal approach is gescheitet. Helge brown could not prevail, at least once in the round of the state Chancellery, heads of. The Chancellery wanted to limitations of the Contact up to 5. July extend. Came out to pressure the countries, the 29. June. But after the 6. June must approve the Prime Minister further relaxations. And you make extensive use.

Söder is dizzy due to the loosening already

All Thuringia. "Get out of the crisis mode in the control mode", the Motto of the Left-Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow is. First of all, he wanted to end the General Lockdown the whole, and then to backpedal and at least on the mask, a duty to hold.

The neighbouring country Saxony permitted by 6. June to back family celebrations. Also, more than two households must meet. Coach tours are then allowed again .

Outdoor Church services with up to 150 participants allows Brandenburg. Of 6. June to may then receive also theatres, cinemas and concert houses guests .

Baden-Württemberg want to develop a concept for the further Opening of primary schools and in kindergartens by the end of June, fully in the normal operation override.

The Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg don’t mind that outdoor pools, gyms and theaters open again .

And in the Saarland finally, the uniform rules in the care, rehabilitation and facilities for the disabled apply immediately. The goal is, that will mean the government, the people a bit more quality of life to return.

Bavaria The Prime Minister, Markus Söder, in view of this – incomplete – easing measures already dizzy. "Honestly, I think it would be better if the Federal government had more legally binding normative force, as is the case now ." However, he also considers the existing Federal-state conferences to be unnecessary. Such conversations, says Söder, would bring in the Moment a little .

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